Golf Tips – Hit The Driver 300+ Yards! Please note: I am not saying to hang back through the entire swing with the driver, what I am saying is, at the point of impact you will be behind the ball then post impact your body and club will bring you to your left side, finishing completely on your left foot. (for right handed golfers) Ron’s Passive Golf Method is about rotating the core of your body and following the eye line through the swing. Not only will you become more powerful, you will become much more consistent in your accuracy, based on the fact that you will no longer have to have impeccable hand and arm timing to try and square the clubface at impact with the hands and the arms. By using the core muscles you will not only deliver the club to the ball with power, your bigger muscles will allow the club to square to the ball by rotating through the ball versus what we all have a tendency to do which is swinging at the ball.

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  1. kady7869 says:

    @stewdogg42 I have a pet cat named socks. He was not impressed when you friend stayed over last weekend.

  2. bhoys96 says:

    his drive definately dodnt go 300 yards.

  3. soulshine42oh says:

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  4. Bmosh1133 says:

    im a big dude, i hit 325 yards with my 9.5 and 350 with my 8.5. and i have spent hella time trying to get more and more distance, and ill tell you this.. when i swang up on the club i lost distance, even with a Extra stiff shaft. when i swing down on the ball, i get roll and if i can hit a slight draw thats when i roll over 350. So pretty mcuh everything this guy said is what i try not to do…

  5. dumdiddyum says:

    this is bullshit. you don’t create clubhead speed in that way

  6. AWCrabbe1 says:

    LearnFromGolfMasters . com
    Honestly, this gives the best tips that will change your game overnight! Still using it myself!!!

  7. vTaKeNoTeZz says:

    My average drive before this tip was 230 max 260 now I’m actually hit the 300+ sign at the range, sometimes on the fly. Great tip

  8. AaronYule1994 says:

    @roycesboy, you are talking rubbish. 450 yards from a 13 yo considering the longest proffessional drive if the year is 378 yards by G-MAC ( graeme mcdowell ), if so how are you not labelled as the next golf prodigy???? :$

  9. Sandler41882 says:

    I liked this. Cheers. I am fucking useless with my driver.

  10. WorldsHottestDrivers says:

    Great video! If you want to hit your drives even longer google Worlds Hottest Drivers

  11. gagomand says:

    great tips;))) it work

  12. adeford23 says:

    @roycesboy Never mind.. few more years growing and you should be able to hit it further! :-)

  13. daaBraves says:

    just hit tha dam thang boy

  14. daaBraves says:

    @roycesboy u da man

  15. roycesboy says:

    @xboxsomethingfishy2 im 13 and i hit the ball 370 – 450 on average

  16. KidFantasmo says:

    @RdbGolfTips im a righty and the ball goes straight then goes hard, hard, hard right, i dont know how to correct it, help

  17. trogdortheburnilator says:

    @xboxsomethingfishy2 cool, im 14 and i had around 200 yds left on a 570 yd par 5 (and no, i didnt catch cartpath)

  18. Sainzo says:

    @AllStarEditing why are you watching this video then??

  19. fuckmania07 says:

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    “Repent&Believe only in Jesus before too late” or “Burn in hell for eternity”

    “Repent&Believe only in Jesus before too late” or “Burn in hell for eternity”

    The end is coming soon. Hell is real&forever for sinners.

  20. rael1999 says:

    Cheers for taking time out to put this video together I’ll give it a go next time I’m on the range.
    Can’t believe some of the comments you get posted on here, although it’s nice to see that many of the local lunatic asylums give interent access to their patients!
    Care in the community hay !

  21. elfhermie says:

    @AllStarEditing Well good for you!

  22. pat65rick says:

    @xboxsomethingfishy2 very im 15 and i hit 310-320 keep it up buddy

  23. AllStarEditing says:

    @xboxsomethingfishy2 thats good but not amazing when i was 14 i was hitting 300 and at 16 which i am now its about 330

  24. xboxsomethingfishy2 says:

    im 14 and i can hit it 270 yards is that any good ??

  25. redbullkoff says:

    @RdbGolfTips Helpful guide! I have one problem though, when i swing the ball always curves to the right is there something I can do about that or is it just alot of practise?

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